The Imarah Marketing company is an experienced, reliable real estate company in Pakistan. We are authorized sales partners for several top-quality projects in the country and abroad. The company is led by Mr. Taufeeq Khan, a real estate developer in Pakistan. We have a solid reputation in the local and international markets and are committed to building trust between buyers and sellers. 

If you’re looking to invest in real estate then imarah marketing provides you a great opportunity, you must know that it can be overwhelming at first. However, if you have the right attitude and the right mindset, you can make money from it.

About CEO

Founderand CEO, Taufeeq Khan Group of Companies, Mr. Taufeeq Khan. One of Pakistan’s top-rated investors & high-touch Digital Sales and Marketing Experts developing the city’s most coveted properties. We believe in building long-lasting business relationships with our clients, providing the best services, and delivering nothing but excellence. I am proud of the dedicated and ambitious team of professionals and would like to thank all our clients for putting their trust in us and would ensure them that we at Imarah Marketing, shall continue to ‘outperform targets’ and deliver quality services.



 Imarah Marketing has have been able to contribute to the achievement of numerous residential and industrial projects for the duration of Pakistan. Imarah Marketing has a high-quality & long experience in the actual property marketing industry working with some of the pleasant real estate corporations, developers, and builders in Pakistan. Our marketing techniques and campaigns had been instrumental to our customers’ achievement! Taufeeq khan, our founder, and CEO had the imagination and prescient to uplift the actual-property industry thru an aggregate of modern and traditional marketing techniques, and by the grace of Almighty ALLAH, we have correctly transformed real-property marketing in Pakistan and could continue our efforts nicely into the future


Our core standards consist of honesty, openness, and transparency, which is why we’ve grown to grow to be one of all Pakistan’s maximum relied-on brands. We cost hard work, innovation, and leadership specifically else, which is why our employees are usually in excessive call for.


Our goal is to talk value via showcasing properties exactly and accurately. We carry out the style, appeal, and character of each belonging to make it greater appealing to prospective customers. Our remaining goal is to not only sell your project but additionally highlight its features in a nice viable way. Go to our initiatives page to see a glimpse of what we can attain!

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We believe in building long-lasting business relationships with our clients, providing the best services, and delivering nothing but excellence. I am proud of the dedicated and ambitious team of professionals at IMARAH MARKETING and would like to thank all our clients for putting their trust in us and would ensure them that we at IMARAH MARKETING, shall continue to ‘outperform targets’ and deliver quality services.

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