blue world city general block

General block of blue world city offers a 4-year charge plan for five, 8, 10 marlas, 1, and a couple of Kanal pricey plots. This modern style block is designed to offer a luxurious and value-effective residing style, upscale facilities and services, and an appealing vicinity.

The management is imparting five marlas for 12 lac and 90 thousand rupees, with handiest a 10% down payment of one lac and 19 thousand rupees. 40 month-to-month installments will simply value 13 thousand and 388 rupees. Eight 1/2-yearly installments will fee sixty-six thousand and 938 rupees.

The control is offering eight marlas for sixteen lacs with only a ten% down the charge of 1 lac and 50 thousand rupees. 40 month-to-month installments will simply fee sixteen thousand and 875 rupees. 8 half-every-year installments will price 80-four thousand and 385 rupees.

The management is presenting 10 marlas for 20 lacs with only a ten% down the charge of one lac and 85 thousand rupees. Forty monthly installments will just cost 20 thousand and 813 rupees. 8 half of-yearly installments will be 1 lac, four thousand, and 63 rupees most effective.

The control is presenting 1 Kanal for forty lacs with most effective a ten% down the charge of three lacs and eighty thousand rupees. Forty monthly installments will simply value 42 thousand and 750 rupees. 8 half-every year installments will be 2 lacs, thirteen thousand, and 750 rupees most effective.

The management is providing 2 Kanal for sixty-five lacs with only a 10% down payment of 6 lacs and 20 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments will simply price sixty-nine thousand and 750 rupees. 8 half of-every year’s installments will price three lacs, 48 thousand, and 750 rupees simplest.


Blue world city Islamabad is the pinnacle-rating housing society in Islamabad. It’s far growing via the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in session with global-famed Shan Jian municipal engineering enterprise and positioned right next to the Chakri interchange & newly proposed Rawalpindi ring road.

Right now it is one of the maximum reasonable priced housing initiatives within the place and has grown to be quite popular amongst traders. For those seeking to invest in an excessive investment-return residential scheme, then this is an excellent option.

 The blue world city is likewise supplying online services along with blue world city verification, online installmentcertificate of registration online verification, and application status.


Blue world city Islamabad is a dream housing society for everyone. The main attractive feature of this society is that it’s far lower-priced and additionally affords each current facility. Society continues to be within the development tiers so the prices are nevertheless low. Once, the society is fully advanced in 1 to 2 years then the charges may go higher and then these low fees will not be to be had. So don’t miss the opportunity to invest in a Blue world city.

The Blue World society provides up-scale amenities and modern infrastructure. The development will enhance the quality of life of its residents. The community offers many opportunities for everyone. It also provides a beautiful outdoor environment for its residents. The area is surrounded by lush green areas that give a beautiful site.


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