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Blue World City, conceived as a city within a city, is a masterwork of urban planning and architecture. The community project is equipped with all of the amenities of a modern living while remaining in the most relaxing and beautiful surroundings. Every day, under the continual supervision of seasoned engineers, architects, town planners, and technical supervisors, the project development gains momentum from exact planning to faultless implementation.

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The top-ranking housing community in Islamabad is Blue World City Islamabad. It is being developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with the world-renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and is conveniently positioned near the Chakri Interchange and the new Rawalpindi Ring Road.

It is currently one of the cheapest housing developments in the region, and it has gained a lot of interest from investors. This is the ideal alternative for people wishing to invest in a residential scheme with a high rate of return on investment.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC):

The Blue Group of Companies was founded in Lahore in 1989. Initially, the company offered architectural design and construction services.

By attracting the attention of clients and respectable investors in the industry, the company was able to quickly establish a solid reputation as a trustworthy and professional business. The company is now regarded as one of Pakistan’s top five real estate development firms, with a global presence.

Since then, the company has worked hard to establish itself as a one-stop solution for a wide range of services, including real estate development, architectural, marketing, construction, IT support, design, and commercial printing.

Development in process

Blue World City Location Map:

Blue World City Islamabad is located near the Chakri Interchange on the main Chakri Road, with direct access from the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Blue World is also one of the housing societies near Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as the new Islamabad International Airport. It is a well regarded community with lovely surroundings, according to investors and realtors. It offers a luxurious lifestyle away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Blue World City project offers one of the most convenient access points to Islamabad and Rawalpindi while also providing a peaceful, serene, and luxurious living environment that no other residential project in Pakistan has provided, and this is what sets the BWC apart from other Pakistani societies.

Company Structure:

Blue Group of Companies was established in the year 1998 in Lahore. It began by offering structural plan and development administrations to its customers. What’s more, was soon ready to acquire the trust of its customers and fabricate a decent standing of being of perhaps the most dependable associations. The organization has from that point forward developed and prospered with more than 300 experts. Furthermore, is of the most broadened associations working in Pakistan.

The Blue Group of Companies is made up of a diverse group of businesses, including the following:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix
blue world city companies

Blue Group of Companies then, at that point took advantage of the retail business. Also, is presently a glad proprietor of a few comfort retail locations and attire brands. 

In the wake of starting the business back in 1989, Blue Group of Companies has dispatched its name in development and improvement regions around the country. having been the famous organization of Lahore, presently its business has spread in pretty much every city. Without a doubt, Trust and dependability lie behind this achievement. 

The reliable conduct draws in the consideration of the designated crowd for the more extended run. For practically a large portion of 10 years, Blue Group of Companies is giving its customer the best business in land, improvement, and development, business, and lodging projects in addition to the help administrations add on to the rundown. Besides, with regards to business standing, BGC likewise chips away at the retail side including just about 300 workers thus creating a different arrangement of development and advancement.

Blue World City Master Plan

Blue World City Islamabad’s master plan is a well-designed plan that was developed with the collaboration of national and international specialists using the most up-to-date concepts of urban town planning.

The end-all strategy of Blue World City spreads more than 6 squares and elements 2 abroad squares, 2 general square augmentations, a superior square for future extension, and one of a kind Awami block arranged on working with low-pursued individuals and giving to them a chance to satisfy their fantasies about possessing a house.

A Blue world city has confidence in creating an eco-accommodating climate and a sound society. To additional this reason the end-all strategy incorporates open spaces for parks; to fill the need for sporting spots just as amusement. 

The definite all-inclusive strategy of Blue World City was imagined after fastidious endeavors by the architects and designers. The proprietor himself was important for the entire cycle to guarantee straightforwardness in each progression.


General Block of Blue World City offers a 4-year installment plan for 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal lavish plots. This advanced style Block is intended to give a sumptuous and financially savvy living style, upscale offices and administrations, and an engaging area. 

The administration is offering 5 Marla for 12 Lac and 90 thousand rupees, with just a 10% initial installment of 1 lac and 19 thousand rupees. 40 regularly scheduled payments will just cost 13 thousand and 388 rupees. 8 half-yearly portions will cost 66 thousand and 938 rupees. 

The administration is offering 8 Marla for 16 Lac with just a 10% upfront installment of 1 lac and 50 thousand rupees. 40 regularly scheduled payments will just cost 16 thousand and 875 rupees. 8 half-yearly portions will cost 84 thousand and 385 rupees. 

The administration is offering 10 Marla for 20 Lac with just a 10% initial installment of 1 lac and 85 thousand rupees. 40 regularly scheduled payments will just cost 20 thousand and 813 rupees. 8 half-yearly portions will be 1 lac, 4 thousand, and 63 rupees in particular. 

The administration is offering 1 Kanal for 40 Lac with just a 10% upfront installment of 3 lacs and 80 thousand rupees. 40 regularly scheduled payments will just cost 42 thousand and 750 rupees. 8 half-yearly portions will be 2 lac, 13 thousand, and 750 rupees in particular. The administration is offering 2 Kanal for 65 Lac with just a 10% upfront installment of 6 lac and 20 thousand rupees. 40 regularly scheduled payments will just cost 69 thousand and 750 rupees. 8 half-yearly portions will cost 3 lac, 48 thousand, and 750 rupees in particular.



BWC is a novel land project that depends on the fundamental topic of Pak – China fellowship. This lodging society is the lone such endeavour in the twin urban communities – thus far in Pakistan – that has a committed area for Chinese nationals aside from obliging Chinese nationals, a Blue World City Overseas Block is by and large explicitly produced for abroad Pakistanis. This square partakes in all advantages of an exceptional gated local area and is by and large explicitly intended to oblige every one of the necessities of abroad Pakistanis who are hoping to contribute and later form their home once they localize to Pakistan. For additional subtleties on putting resources into the abroad square, you can counsel a Deal and Deals land expert to give you more subtleties. 

Area Of Overseas Block In Blue World City 

There is immediate access from Chakri Road and an assigned door that is straightforwardly connected with the general public’s fundamental entryway that is nearly approaching the finish. 

The Rawalpindi Ring Road will give access courses to the lodging project and an immediate connection to the Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city for the Blue World City Islamabad in 2 years time. 

Because of its splendid feel, area and comfort, it’s transforming into a speculation centre for the neighbourhood and global financial backers.

Residential & Commercial Plot Sizes:

Blue World City Islamabad has purchased a total of 5000 Kanal, which would be divided into blocks and plots.
The sizes of plots are
• 05 Marla
• 08 Marla
• 10 Marla
• 1 Kanal
• 2 Kanal
Blue World City Farmhouses Plots:
• 04 Kanal
• 08 Kanal
Blue World City Commercial Plots:
• 05 Marla
• 08 Marla
Blue World City Overseas Plots:
• 7 Marla
• 10 Marla
• 14 Marla
• 1 Kanal
• 2 Kanal

Blue World City Payment Plan:

Blue World City Payment Plan

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