samana smart city owners and developers

Samana smart city is owned and managed through a crew of well-skilled experts managing constructions. Samana smart city is an impartial enterprise built at the passion of our chairman Mr. Abdul Jabbar satti and CEO Mr. Amjad satti.

Samana smart city is a housing scheme with futuristic and innovative techniques, in which you may revel in consolation, luxurious and peaceful existence with world-magnificence safety services.

Samana smart city is a place in which you could cherish your desires at a less costly charge. Thru our knowledge, high quality and breadth of services, we provide delivery that permits us to create extremely good costs for our customers.


Samana Smart City is incorporated luxurious and lively eco-conscious improvement. A strategically positioned inexperienced community imparting an environment that enhances wellbeing for residents and visitors alike. A couple of green improvements, the place’s most suitable deal with.

Your dream home to adore for the first-time people searching for products/services can live in the prestigious community for improbable expenses. With rather attractive and flexible price plans, shoppers positioned down simply 30% and lay down basis in their dream domestic within the satisfactory assets in town. The venture is adjacent to DHA Islamabad phase 7 and a direct expressway connection between phase 7 and Samana smart city will open new doors for infinite facilities and opportunities among projects.



Samana smart city is an area of a sophisticated and dynamic community similar to a hidden treasure amidst famed lush greenery. Healthful dwelling surroundings near nature will provide get entry to the specific sports activities complex, restaurants, health clubs, and modern fashion shops/Saloons. The project is targeted to feature a flourishing framework of leisure and health-focused services committed to F&B and retail shops.

Following are some AMENITIES of Samana smart city

  • Smart security 24/7 with CCTV cameras
  • Hospitals, world-class clinics, and pharmacies
  • Mosque
  • Green belts & parks
  • Family club & wellness centers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Community center
  • Sports complex
  • Graveyard
  • International & local Delicacies
  • Educational institutes i.e. schools & colleges
  • Smart security system on the main gate
  • Wide extensive roads
  • Green living gated community
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • LED Street Lights
  • Modern business center
  • Fully managed & serviced smart city


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