Samana Smart City

Islamabad- The City of Progress, Innovation and Architectural Marvel

Real estate is a major and growing industry in Pakistan, and Pakistan spends $5.2 billion on construction, and this is an important growth in Pakistan’s real estate market. Islamabad is no doubt one of the most beautiful capital in the World, the Capital city is the fastest-growing urban settlement in the country. There is an increased interest in the city from The President and the Prime Minister as well as a renewed drive from foreign investors to invest in the city that has caused a growth in the economy. Islamabad is now becoming a lively and bustling metropolis, full of vibrancy.

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A Unique Destination

Samana Smart City is an integrated luxury and active eco-conscious development. A strategically located green community provides an environment that enhances wellness for residents and visitors alike. Multiple eco-friendly developments, the region’s most desirable address. Forty percent of the 3.12 million-square-foot development is made up of green space, nature-Friendly Park, natural landscapes surrounded by lush green environment. At the meeting point of luxury and lifestyle, discover Samana’s homes known for their spacious design, eco-friendly approach, and uninterrupted views. Build your dream home in gentle peace, environmentally conscious, and nurturing environment. Aesthetic beauty and cascading natural beauty accentuate this exclusive community which is perfect for families. Residential Plots are available from 05 Marlas to 04 Kanals options.